Monday, June 14, 2010

This Harp Inside of Me

bee stings get louder,

rattle their way

into the car.

heat slows the speed

of their wings.

they hover

and wait.

this world is


what’s love?

what’s love?

what turns up

in the dark?

this harp inside of me

barely sings.

I am blessed

with an instrument

that cannot wail.

he goes to kiss me

and tastes nothing

but salt.

Godbearer: five part devotion to Mary

Solemnity of Mary

you open your mouth

and a moon bursts open.

How did the sky

know you were ready?

Tell me.

Saint Gabriel

I stand at the foot of her bed,

married to a spark.

A child is a bolt

of lightning.

I could disappear,

leave a gift

that will shatter all this

in nine short months.

I know she will

burn this bed

down to a charred frame

when she hears this news.

Her hair

fans the flames.

The Annunciation of Our Lord

I would have been happy

in a life

without miracles.

The flowers darken

to shades of blood.

He never asked

if I wanted to live

without being touched.

The sun falls

on a curve

of my breast.

I miss everything

I’ve ever missed.

Marian Apparition

I see Mary

in my cup of tea.

Golden roses

leap out of her eyes.