Monday, June 14, 2010

Godbearer: five part devotion to Mary

Solemnity of Mary

you open your mouth

and a moon bursts open.

How did the sky

know you were ready?

Tell me.

Saint Gabriel

I stand at the foot of her bed,

married to a spark.

A child is a bolt

of lightning.

I could disappear,

leave a gift

that will shatter all this

in nine short months.

I know she will

burn this bed

down to a charred frame

when she hears this news.

Her hair

fans the flames.

The Annunciation of Our Lord

I would have been happy

in a life

without miracles.

The flowers darken

to shades of blood.

He never asked

if I wanted to live

without being touched.

The sun falls

on a curve

of my breast.

I miss everything

I’ve ever missed.

Marian Apparition

I see Mary

in my cup of tea.

Golden roses

leap out of her eyes.

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